Training: ITIL® 4 Specialist – Drive Stakeholder Value

Ref. ITIL4-03
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This course covers all types of engagement and interaction between a service provider and their customers, users, suppliers and partners. It focuses on the conversion of demand into value via IT enabled services. It covers key topics such as SLA design, multi-supplier management, communication, relationship management, CX and UX design, customer journey mapping, and more. It also provides attendees with the tools to increase stakeholder satisfaction which is integral to business success in the current competitive landscape.

Participant profiles

  • Individuals continuing their journey in service management
  • ITSM managers and aspiring ITSM managers
  • ITSM practitioners who are responsible for managing and integrating stakeholders, focus on the customer journey and experience, and/or are responsible for fostering relationships with partners and suppliers
  • Existing ITIL® qualification holders wishing to develop their knowledge


  • Understand all types of engagement and interactions between a service provider and their customers, users, suppliers and partners, including key CX, UX and journey mapping concepts


Course content

Module 1: How customer journeys are designed?

  • Lesson 1: Key concepts of customer journey
  • Lesson 2: Ways of designing and improving customer journeys


Module 2: How to target markets and stakeholders?

  • Lesson 1: Understand characterictics of a market
  • Lesson 2: Understand marketing activities and techniques
  • Lesson 3: Describe customer needs, including internal and external factors influencing them
  • Lesson 4: Identify service providers and explain their value propositions


Module 3: How to foster stakeholder relationships?

  • Lesson 1: Understand concepts of mutual readiness and maturity
  • Lesson 2: Understand different relationship types and their management
  • Lesson 3: Develop customer relationships
  • Lesson 4: Analyze customer needs
  • Lesson 5: Use communication and collaboration activities and techniques
  • Lesson 6: How the “Relationship management” practice contributes to foster relationships


Module 4: How to shape demand and refine service offerings?

  • Lesson 1: Understand methods for designing digital service experience based on value driven, data driven and user centred service design
  • Lesson 2: Unseratsnd approaches for selling and obtaining service offerings
  • Lesson 3: Capture, influence and manage demand and opportunities
  • Lesson 4: Collect, specify and prioritize requirements from diverse range of stakeholders
  • Lesson 5: How the “Business analysis” practice contributes to requirements management and service design


Module 5: How to align expectations and agree details of services?

  • Lesson 1: How to plan for value co-creation
  • Lesson 2: How to negotiate and agree service utility, warranty and experience
  • Lesson 3: How the “Service level management” practice contributes to service expectations management


Module 6: How to onbaord and offboard customers and users?

  • Lesson 1: Understand key transition, onboarding and offboarding activities
  • Lesson 2: Understand ways of relating with users and fostering user relationships
  • Lesson 3: Understand how users are authorized and entitled to services
  • Lesson 4: Understand different approaches to mutual evelation of customer, user and service provider capabilities
  • Lesson 5: Prepare onboarding and offboarding plans
  • Lesson 6: Develop user engagement and delivery channels
  • Lesson 7: How the “Service Catalogue management” practice contributes to offering user services
  • Lesson 8: How the “Service Desk” practice contributes to user engagement


Module 7: How to act together to ensure continual value co-creation?

  • Lesson 1: Understand how users can request services
  • Lesson 2: Understand methods for triaging of user requests
  • Lesson 3: Understand concept of user communities
  • Lesson 4: Understand methods for encouraging and managing customer and user feedback
  • Lesson 5: Foster a service mindset
  • Lesson 6: Use different approaches to provision of user services
  • Lesson 7: Seize and deal with customer and user “moments of thuth”
  • Lesson 8: How the “Service Desk” practice contributes to user engagement


Module 8: How to realise and validate service value?

  • Lesson 1: Understand methods for measuring service usage and customer and user experience and satisfaction
  • Lesson 2: Understand methods to track and monitor serice value (outcome, risk, cost and resources)
  • Lesson 3: Understand different types of reporting of service outcome and performance
  • Lesson 4: Understand charging mechanisms
  • Lesson 5: Assess service value realisation
  • Lesson 6: Prepare to evaluate and improve the customer journey
  • Lesson 7: How the “Portfolio management” practice contributes to service value realisation

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  • Accredited courseware
  • Official “ITIL® 4 Drive Stakholder Value” publication

Lab / Exercises

Ce cours propose :

  • Exercices pratiques de travail en équipe


This course prepares to the exam:

  • ITIL® 4 Specialist – Drive Stakeholder Value
  • This accredited course is mandatory to enable full understanding of the core material

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