Training: HTML5 and CSS3 – jQuery and Bootstrap

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This training, which relies on the open source code editor Brackets(*), is the perfect introduction to modern web technologies: HTML5 goes beyond the web, CSS3 has become more than just a way to style text, and the use of JavaScript and jQuery is now mandatory. The aim of this training is to sum up all of the modern usages of these web technologies and is therefore recommended for seasoned web designers and is an indispensable introduction for PHP and Java developers whose role includes more “front-end” web technologies. As well as a theoretical approach, this training also benefits from practical workshops, using the Bootstrap framework in real-life examples, this will also introduce newcomers to JavaScript and to developing with the jQuery library

(*) previously known as Edge Code

Participant profiles

  • Webdesigner
  • JAVA/PHP developers
  • Dreamweaver users


  • Understand the roles of th three different languages in web creation
  • Be able to code HTML5 and CSS3 basic snippets
  • Preview and test webpages with Brackets and Chrome
  • Understand web coding made by other webdesigners
  • Understand the power and limitations of javascript
  • Link the Bootstrap framework in a web page or site
  • Use the Bootstrap scaffolding system to layout a page or an app
  • Use simple Bootstrap components: carousels, “scrollspy”


  • Basic knowledge of IT Tools
  • Experience with Adobe softwares (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign)
  • Basic knowledge of photograpy

Course content

  • Module 1: HTML5 & CSS3, history, usages
  • Module 2: HTML 4, webpage creation; HTML5, webdevelopment
  • Module 3: CSS: selectors et properties
  • Module 4: Workshop: modernizing webcode of an existing webpage
  • Module 5: Interactions and hyper-links; buttons et forms
  • Module 6: Interfaces with HTML5 and CSS: tables, flexbox model, positionning
  • Module 7: HTML5 and programming: javascript, a basis
  • Module 8: Javascript and jQuery: a library to simplify front-en development
  • Module 9: jQuery and CSS: introduction to the Bootstrap library
  • Module 10: Bootstrap: responsive design
  • Module 11: Bootstrap: interactivity, carousels, “scrollspy”


  • Digital courseware included

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Temptraining funding

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