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Our APMG Change Management™ Foundation training is designed for people who want to gain a comprehensive understanding of Change Management. By passing the APMG Change Management™ Foundation certification you will have sufficient knowledge and understanding of Change Management to effectively implement it in your organization.

Participant profiles

  • Anyone interested in understanding the basic principles of achieving successful organizational change, transition or transformation
  • Team members involved in organizational change, transition or transformation projects
  • Professionals pursuing the APMG Change Management™ Practitioner certificate – for which the APMG Change Management™ Foundation certificate is a pre-requisite


  • How the process of organizational change or transformation occurs
  • The roles needed to assemble teams most likely to achieve successful organizational change
  • How people react to organizational change and how to help them adapt
  • Developing strategies to keep people motivated while an organization undergoes change
  • The different types of change process e.g. planned and emergent change
  • How to keep stakeholders engaged while an organization undergoes change


  • No prerequisites

Course content

Module 1: Getting Started

  • Introductions
  • Course structure
  • Course goals and objectives
  • Change and the Individual

Module 2: How people learn

  • Personality and change – introduction to MBTI
  • Models of individual change – the Change Curve and Bridges’ Transition
  • Motivating individuals during change
  • Change and the Organization

Module 3: Understanding organizational metaphors

  • Organizational culture and change
  • 3 models of change – Lewin, Kotter, and Senge
  • Key roles in change
  • Stakeholder Engagement

Module 4: Identifying and analyzing stakeholders

  • Personas and empathy maps
  • Influencing strategies
  • Communication

Module 5: Feedback and communication approaches

  • Communicating change – planning, factors, and barriers
  • Communication biases and channels
  • Change Impact

Module 6: Identifying and assessing change impact

  • Stakeholder impact assessment
  • Change severity assessment
  • Change Readiness

Module 7: Building change agent networks and the change team

  • How to make the organization ready for change
  • Creating a change management plan
  • Dealing with resistance to change

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  • Official digital APMG courseware


  • The APMG Change Management™ Foundation exam

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