Training: ISO/IEC 37001 Lead Implementer

Ref. ISO-37001LI


The fight against corruption is one of the major challenges facing developing countries and the consequences of corruption are disastrous both for the continent’s growth and for people’s confidence in their governance. Corruption plagues procurement and execution processes, which increases risks and costs.

Recognizing this problem, ISO has developed a standard to help organizations fight corruption through the implementation of good practice and the establishment of an ethical culture. The ISO 37001 standard, Anti-corruption management system (59 countries participated in its development), therefore defines a series of measures to help organizations detect, prevent and deal with corruption. These measures include the adoption of an anti-corruption communication policy, staff awareness and accountability, training, risk assessment, the implementation of controls and the establishment of investigation and anti-corruption reporting.

Participant profiles

  • Compliance officers
  • Legal responsibles
  • Risk managers
  • Sustainable Development and Ethics Officers
  • Internal control
  • Anyone who wishes to understand or implement an Anti-Corruption Management System (SMAC)


  • Understand what corruption is
  • Implement an anti-corruption system within your organization according to ISO 37001 standard


  • International recognition of skills in Anti-Corruption Management System (SMAC),
  • Support the organization in implementing a SMAC
  • Knowing how to dialogue with management for the implementation of financial and non-financial anti-corruption measures

Course content

Module 1 : Introduction to ISO 37001

  • Objectives and introduction to ISO 37001
  • Process approach
  • Normative and ethical framework
  • Fundamentals of ISO 37001
  • Understand the requirements of ISO 37001 and clarify anti-corruption objectives

Module 2 : Defining and planning the standard

  • Methodology for implementing the standard
  • Scope, Policy and objectives of the fight against corruption
  • Actors, stakeholders and actors of repression
  • Forms of corruption: Gifts, gifts and other forms, the limits?

Module 3 : Deployment

  • Prevention and Risk Assessment
  • Anti-corruption policy: Implementation
  • Communication and Documentation Plan
  • Staff training and awareness
  • Compliance review

Module 4: Measurement, control and continuous improvement

  • Controls and prevention of corruption risks
  • Measuring indicators
  • Financial controls, Internal audit
  • Dealing with non-compliance
  • Remediation actions
  • Evaluation and continuous improvement of the system
  • Preparation of the certification audit


  • Digital courseware included

Lab / Exercises

  • At the end of each presentation, participants should practice answering a set of questions related to the topic of the presentation as part of a case study


  • This training prepares you for the ISO 37001 exam included in the course price

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