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Symfony is the number one PHP framework used by real businesses to build stable, scalable, modern web applications. In this course, we will dive in and learn hands-on as we build an eCommerce website together.

Participant profiles

  • Developers looking to learn Symfony
  • Developers looking to learn about MVC PHP frameworks


  • Building an ecommerce store in Symfony
  • Good understanding of Twig templates, Doctrine ORM, Encore, SASS, sessions, forms and email delivery


  • A basic knowledge of PHP would be helpful

Course content

Module 1:  Setting up your environment

  • Symfony CLI
  • Windows setup
  • Checking your environment
  • Example code

Module 2:  Installing Symfony

  • Symfony dev server
  • Symfony architecture
  • Creating a controller
  • YAML files
  • Adding the route
  • Using annotations

Module 3: Twig Templating

  • Installing Twig
  • Creating a template
  • Using the abstract controller
  • Variables in Twig
  • Twig Security
  • Using Layouts

Module 4:  What are static assets?

  • Serving static files
  • Installing Node.js
  • SASS pre-processing
  • Installing Encore
  • Compiling assets
  • Enabling SASS
  • Including our assets
  • Adding some CSS

Module 5:  Doctrine ORM

  • Local database setup
  • Database management
  • Configuring the database
  • Creating a product entity
  • Generating the schema
  • Importing sample data
  • Listing the products
  • Product listing template
  • Viewing our product list
  • Doctrine documentation

Module 6:  Routing options

  • Product details page
  • Product details template
  • Handling not found errors
  • Customising the error page

Module 7:  Email and transport layers

  • Installing the email practice
  • Configuring the email service
  • Sending an email confirmation
  • Email template
  • Testing the email confirmation


  • Digital courseware included

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